A touching note from Gloria Gomes
Antigua, West Indies

After corresponding with Aunt Lil (Aileen Agnes) De Freitas in Antigua for many years, Colin and Wendy (McCartney) received this letter card from Gloria Gomes (nee Mendes) just after Christmas 1988


Dear Wendy and Colin (McCartney, Sydney, NSW, Australia)

First, let me introduce myself. I am Aunt Lil's Niece, Gloria (Virginia Mende's daughter). Your brother Kingsley is the only one I knew as a youngster; as I went off to Canada, got married and have lived there since. However, since mother's 90th birthday in 1981 I have been coming down to Antigua each year and spending a couple of months with mother and Aunt Lil. They both keep well but unfortunately Aunt Lil's memory is failing.

She is also very deaf, and has cateracts, so doesn't see too well. We have had her to a doctor but can do nothing for her at the moment. Hence my reason for writing to you. We have noticed a deterioration over the past two years or more. I must thank you on dear A. Lil's behalf for your cards and lovely warm and caring notes to her, and which we read to her. It's so very sad when old age robs one of one's memory.

Your dear Mother and A. Angela called for my Mother's and A. Lil's birthdays last November. Both my sisters, Roma and Joy were here and spoke with them.

I must close, but look forward to meeting you and family sometime perhaps. Please if you are in Montreal, don't hesitate to call us.

Love from All at 'Seacrest'.


'Seacrest', St Johns
Antigua, West Indies
January 24, 1988

  Family linkages;  
  • Gloria is the daughter of Virginia Mendes (nee De Freitas) and Norris Fernando Mendes. Virginia is the sister of Victorine Agatha Mendes. Gloria married Lawrence Gomes. Antigua, west Indies.

  • Aunt Lil (Aileen Agnes De Freitas) is the sister of Victorine Agatha Mendes (nee De Freitas). Antigua, West Indies.

  • Kingsley is the eldest son of Stella Gertrude McCartney and Harry Alston McCartney. Trinidad, West Indies.

  • 'Dear Mother' is a reference to Stella Gertrude McCartney (nee Mendes) and 'A. Angela' is Angela Mary Margaret Ross (nee Mendes) married Angus Ross. Both are daughters of George Ignatius Mendes and Victorine Agatha Mendes. Antigua, West Indies.

  • Roma and Joy Mendes are sisters of Gloria

  • Colin (McCartney) is the younger brother of Kingsley and is married to Wendy (nee Blanch). Sydney, NSW, Australia
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