Congratulations ! Harmonie and Colin with their new born-Kingsley Alston McCartney b.March 6th 2004, Florida, USA
Colin is the son of Stafford GA McCartney, Florida, USA
baby Kingsley, Harmonie and Colin
Congratulations! Anita McCartney and Michael Chewter are married at Rye (Cinque Port), Hastings, England - March 13th 2004
Anita is the daughter of Kingsley PA McCartney, Bognor Regis, England
Anita McCartney/Chewter Married - Michael Chewter and Anita ...and the Town Crier tells the world Top left (under hat) Jack, to Jack's right is sister Holly, on her right is Caroline.  Left of Crier is brother Lloyd

Nathalie, Andrew and Zak Kinnear. Sydney, NSW, Australia
Nathalie is the daughter of Colin and Wendy McCartney, Sdyney, NSW, Australia

Andrew arrives home on Sydney harbour ferry - Sydney 2000 Olympic games site in background Nathalie and Zak Andrew planting out a lemon tree Zak in hospital with broken hand!! Zak going home from hospital
The flower pot that Zak pulled down and broke his hand Palm beach, Sydney, Aus - (same location for the film set TV show 'Home and Away' Nathalie on a Sheep station, Western New South Wales, Australia Nathalie and Zak take in the Sunday newspapers Xmas 2002 - Danielle background Zak-recalcitrant

Jock and Stafford McCartney families,
Florida, USA

Brothers Jock and Stafford The two McCartney families Harmonie (Colin's wife), Suzanne (Stafford's daughter) and baby Kingsley (Harmonie's son) Suzanne and Rebecca (Jock's daughter) Stafford and aftermath of four Hurricanes', late 2004 Joanne (Stafford's wife) evacuates ahead of the Hurricane
...and Stafford's property flooded... Julie's mother - Grandma Frankie Jock Julie Rebecca John McCartney's (Jock's son) family, wife Aliya and daughter Jaz

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