About this site

This website focuses on the genealogy of families Birkett, De Freitas, Gomes, McArtney, McCartney and Mendes, their European and West Indies origins over some eleven generations through to this day.


Development of the website has eventuated as a large repository of family related information specific to the West Indies region, has recently become available. Data are primary and secondary sources, they are presently being classified, sourced and referenced and where possible, verified. This process is likely to take some considerable time. Progress of the website and Family Tree is being undertaken incrementally as relevant information, data or historical records come to hand.

The data resource is located in England and many descendents of these families are dispersed to the five continents. I reside in Sydney, Australia, and will take advantage of internet technology to make this information available.

Genealogy researchers tracking ancestral origins are generally aware of the difficulties conducting research in the Windward and Leeward Island groups, Guyana and Trinidad. It is hoped that as this website evolves more information will be availed to the WWW forum contributing to the ancestral mosaic of the West Indies.

Family tree

As a result of recent availability of data an interactive family tree has been developed and is available, linked directly through this home page. The presentation is intuitive and the format enables online interrogation of various family units or individuals. Moreover, visitors will be able to enter family names to identify relationships. Where possible, images of individuals will also be made available.

If you are a visitor to the Family Tree website, for privacy reasons you can only view names of persons, however, you will be able to view personal details of deceased persons. Only authenticated persons (password holders), can view all details. Typically these are family members.


This website is at the initiative of Kingsley McCartney (my brother). He had the forsight and initiative to recognise the importance and significance of making these documents available for all to see.

Colin McCartney
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
March, 2005
webmaster: Colin McCartney