Families Gomes, De Freitas and De Quintal
Families of the West Indies  
Curtis Gomes collection  
Clara Gomes (Joaquina)
Bernadette Gomes (Da Silva Catanho)
Manuel Peter Gomes and wife Claudina Ferraz
Maria Gomes (centre)
The two children are Maria's grand-daughters.  Their mother is Guillermina Gomes, born at Monte, Madeira, Portugal.  One of the children is named Marita. Maria Gomes, sister of Clara Gomes (above).  Maria is the daughter of Maria Joaquina
Bishop Joseph Gomes
Annetta Louise Gomes
Antonio De Freitas (right). Photo Madeira, ca 2000
Antonio De Freitas (as a young man)
Curtis Antonio Gomes (left) with son Marco
Iria De Freitas
Lawrence Gomes
Nina Gomes
Lawrence Gomes and children.  Father of  Larry Gomes (Montreal, Canada).  Youngest brother of Nina Gomes (right)
Manuel Gomes
Edmond De Quintal
Manuel's mother, Antonette Gomes was cousin to Manuel De Freitas (II)
Edmond Son of Joseph De Quintal (De Freitas) and Maria Augustus Fernandes.  Step-Son of Emanuel III De Freitas.  Maria Augustus was the  daughter of Justina Vieira - from first marriage
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Antonio is the great-great grandson of Augusta Gomes (sister of Ana Gomes, the mother of Rosa De Jesus).  Rosa was the mother of Carolina Ferraz.  Carolina was the mother of Victorine De Freitas.  Victorine was the wife of George Ignatius Mendes. Nina Gomes, first wife of Stephen Rodrigues Mendes and mother of Norris and Winifred Mendes Daughter of Clara Gomes.  She was the great grand-daughter of Maria Joaquin Bishop Joseph Gomes, b. 26 November 1890, St Phillips, Antigua, West Indies.  Father of Annetta Gomes (right) Clara was daughter of Maria Gomes.  Her mother, Maria Gomes was daughter of Maria Joaquina.  She married Manuel Da Silva Catanho Iria.  Sister of Antonio (above).  Photo, Madeira ca 2000 Sister of Carolina Ferraz