Last Will and Testament
Fernando De Freitas 1849-1922

The Last Will and Testament of Fernando De Freitas is reproduced below in image format. It is constructed and written in the British Colonial legal parlance of the time, the early 1920s. There are no punctuation marks in the original text, consequently it's syntax is a little difficult to follow.

To resolve this, and for ease of reference I have transcribed this document into a latter day readable source, with punctuation click here. However, this is a cosmetic solution, researchers should analyse originals below.

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Note 1. At page nine (last page), where Fernando signs off his 'Last Will and Testament', his signature is represented by a 'cross'. It is deduced that he is incapacitated in some way at the time he signed this affidavit on 4th May 1921.

Note 2. Fernando De Freitas was born on 26th May 1849 and died sometime during July 1921. This Will and Testament was annexed by the Executors in the Supreme Court of the Leeward Islands, Antigua Circuit, West Indies, on 27th July 1921

Colin McCartney, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. January 2005